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Teeth Alignment

With Orthodontic teeth alignment, bringing Teeth into perfect alignment

According to the latest dental report, there are around 30% of the population wearing braces and another different kind of dental appliances in order to straighten teeth for a beautiful and healthy smile. Many people become reluctant of giving a simple smile in front of people because of the bad ordeal. Most of the people…

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Tips to keep your teeth healthy

Healthy teeth play a vital role in all around development of a person. It boosts self-confidence, gives you a winning smile, saves you from the pain of a bad toothache and cavities, and prevents the expenditure of too much money, by making sure you don’t have to get new dental implants because you couldn’t take…


Tips to reduce dental cavities

Cavities are basically holes in the enamel of our teeth, caused by a complex process of mineral degeneration by bacteria, and which might lead to painful teeth, problems in chewing, and if left unattended, may even cause falling out of teeth. For people living in and around Mumbai, like all cities, cavities pose a big…